Underwater Photoshooting

Katrin Felton has managed to fulfill one of her dreams in life and is now a real life mermaid. Since she absolutely loves to be underwater and swim as a mermaid, she also wants to help others to make.

Model Katrin Felton is an international catwalk and photographic model with diversified interests. At the age of 4, she loved to dance and had her first appearances on stage experiencing being in.

Katrin Felton has always had a passion for animals and loved to be in nature. As a child and teenager, she sometimes brought wounded or stray animals home caring for them until they got healthy.

Katrin Felton is an underwater model and professional mermaid. She creates her own professional freediving mermaid tails and also sells them in her online shop: http://www.mermaid-kat-shop.de/