Amazing Close-Up: Minimonsters

Amateur bug photographer John Hallmén has been fascinated by insects since he was a boy. In the last three years he's made a name for himself by photographing the tiny creatures he finds in the Nackareservatet nature reserve near his home in Stockholm, Sweden. Using a mixture of studio and alfresco shots John magnifies the insects to show the beautiful colour and detail of his subjects.

Dorytomus // Dorytomus sp. D. tremulae Size: 5 mm

Myrmarachne // Male Ant-mimicking jumping spider, Myrmarachne formicaria, Salticidae Size: 6 mm

Loxocera // Female rust fly: Loxocera fulviventris, Psilidae (ID cred: mossnisse ( Size: 10 mm

Myrmarachne formicaria // ant-mimicking jumping spider Size: 6 mm

Dewy Earwig Forficula sp. 16 mm // Early morning stack showing the head and thorax of an earwig.

Platystomus albinus // Anthribidae Size: 7 mm This is the most common fungus weevil in Sweden. They are not true weevils (Curculionidae) but belong to the same superfamily (Curculionoidea).

Timberman // A male Timberman, Acanthocinus aedilis

Aegomorphus clavipes, Cerambycidae

Studio stack: Cockroach. Periplaneta sp. Body length: 30 mm.

Studio stack: Carpenter Queen. Camponotus herculaneus.

Studio stack: Millipede. Diplopoda. Size: 25 mm.

Another telecentric adventure. Physocephala rufipes, Conopidae. Size: 9 mm

Studio stack: Bedroom Buddy. Pholcus phalangioides, male. Sometimes known as “Daddy long legs”. 

Plagionotus. Plagionotus arcuatus, Cerambycidae. Body length: 18 mm.

Sleepy Jewel. Holopyga generosa. Family: Chrysididae (ID-cred: Johan Abenius & Frank Marquard). Size: 7 mm.