Women Train in Self-Defense: Hand-to-Hand Combat

Female recruits train in unarmed combat in the training. One of them flips a man over her shoulder. An older man goes down a line of women in the class, touching pressure points on their necks and hands, showing them how to hurt an opponent. The older man demonstrates his techniques on others, including men in uniform.

Record Breaker Limbos Under Car

A world record holding limbo queen thinks she has become the first person to shimmy under a car. However, regular performances put an incredible strain on her body and she sees a chiropractor once a week to have her hips realigned.

Candoco Artist Welly O'Brien

Candoco Artist Welly O’Brien gives an inspiring account of how she found dance after losing her leg in a train accident when she was just 18 years old on today’s Outlook programme on BBC World Service.

Paralyzed Dog Walks Again For First Time

This is the heartwarming moment a woman saw her pet dog walking for the first time after surgery and rehabilitation.

Look Out

New York is an interesting camera joke.