Two-Year-Old Girl’s Birthday Message For Her Mommy

28-year-old Dan Konkel of Bridgewater, New Jersey recently sat down with his 2-year-old daughter, Claire, and made this ‘movie’ for his wife Stacey’s 28th birthday. The special birthday message video features Claire listing off reasons why she loves her mommy. To surprise Stacey, Dan edited the video, uploaded it to her iPad and hid it in her baby bag with a note that read, ‘Hey, watch me’. Stacey said the video was the best birthday present she ever gotten.

Wife Shocks Husband with Amazing Baby Surprise

A Minnesota woman lets her husband know she's pregnant in a photo booth and films his reaction. Jessica says photobooths are a tradition that dates back to their first date.

Record Breaker Limbos Under Car

A world record holding limbo queen thinks she has become the first person to shimmy under a car. However, regular performances put an incredible strain on her body and she sees a chiropractor once a week to have her hips realigned.

Hospital Service (Benny Hill)

Poor old little Jackie Wright get’s abused badly in the very first silent Benny Hill sketch.

Sleeping Dogs Compilation

Dogs be having some of the most intense dreams for their bodies to be that active while asleep.