Talkative Porcupine

Kemosabe, or Kemo for short, came to Animal Wonders from a zoo called Roos N More in Nevada. Kemo was supposed to be breeding but after several years of no success they found out Kemo was not the female they thought they had. Kemo has been handled and is quite used to human interaction. He loves yams and carrots and is content wherever as long as he gets to munch on his treats. Kemo has very long front teeth and wide staring eyes which give him an endearing look.

Breaking a Glass With His Voice

Think you could ever break a glass only using your voice?

Possibly The Best Motogp Race Finish Ever

Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo battle it out in Catalunya 2009 with Rossi eventually winning the race and making it a staggering career 99 race wins.

Kookaburra Call at the San Diego Zoo

Crikey the kookaburra laughs with the audience in a zoo.

Look Out

New York is an interesting camera joke.