Talkative Porcupine

Kemosabe, or Kemo for short, came to Animal Wonders from a zoo called Roos N More in Nevada. Kemo was supposed to be breeding but after several years of no success they found out Kemo was not the female they thought they had. Kemo has been handled and is quite used to human interaction. He loves yams and carrots and is content wherever as long as he gets to munch on his treats. Kemo has very long front teeth and wide staring eyes which give him an endearing look.

King of the Bombs (Tsar Bomba)

It was also referred to as Kuz’kina Mat, potentially referring to Nikita Khruschev’s promise to show the U.S. a Kuzka’s mother (Kuzkina mat) at the 1960 UN General Assembly.

Baby monkey playing with a kitten.

The Dakar Rally 2015: Best of Bike

Marc Coma won a fifth title in the motorcycle category for KTM, while Rafał Sonik secured a maiden quads crown aboard his Yamaha.

Should Put an End to the Mommy Wars

The Sisterhood of Motherhood is a movement that aims to end the mommy wars, put a stop to the judging and instead encourage us to get along and support each other.