President Obama Makes Funny Faces

President Obama is relying on a time-tested method to boost enrollment in insurance plans offered under landmark health care law — humor.

Obama partnered with Buzzfeed to produce a hilarious video in which the commander-in-chief makes fun of himself, teasing all the things he does "when no one's around."

The 2-minute flick released Thursday, titled "Things Everyone Does But Doesn't Talk About," features Obama checking himself out in a mirror, trying on a new pair of shades and drawing sketches of his crush — First Lady Michelle Obama.

He also tries hamming it up for some photos he tries to take with a selfie-stick and has fun with the fact that everyone seems to like blaming things on him when they go wrong.

"Thanks, Obama," he grumbles after a big cookie he tries to dip in his milk doesn't fit into the small glass.

Most prominently, however, the video features the President rehearsing a speech about Obamacare and repeatedly struggling with his pronunciation of the word "February."

"February 15, February 15," he says.

"In many cases you can get health insurance for less than $100 a month. Just go to to figure out how to sign up," he adds.

The open enrollment period for health insurance offered under the Affordable Care Act for 2015 ends Feb. 15.

At the end of the video, which is spliced with similar moments happening to another man, the other man walks into the Oval Office and interrupts Obama in the middle of pretending to make a last-second shot in an imaginary game of basketball.

"Can I live?" a mockingly exasperated Obama exclaims.

Buzzfeed produced with Obama after he sat down earlier this week to conduct his first-ever interview with the site, popular among millennials.

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