Prank Videos

Professional Racer Girl Pranks Driving Instructors

Leona Chin is a professional racer and drifter from Malaysia, who went in disguise as a novice driver to give these new driver's ed instructors the most thrilling first day on the job ever.

Girl Thinks She Cooked A Pregnant Turkey Prank

This Thanksgiving a handful of parents had a little holiday fun by tricking their kids into thinking they cooked a pregnant turkey.

Tooth Fairy Prank

Kids at the dentist meet the tooth fairy. Erakat is a motivational speaker and entertainer from California who creates videos showcasing pranks and social experiments.

One of The Funniest Comedy Sketches of All Time

David Tynan O’Mahony, better known as Dave Allen, was an Irish comedian, very popular with television audiences in the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada in the 1960s and 1970s.

Drive Thru Headless

Headless drive thru prank in the hood.

Creepy Beauty Salon

A hidden camera prank scares the living hell out of unsuspecting customers at a beauty salon.

Scary Corpse Elevator Prank

Elevator Prank in Brazil: They could have gotten a heart attack.


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