Performance Videos

Best Ventriloquist Performance Ever by Nina Conti

Nina Conti is a British actress, comedian and ventriloquist.

Irish Dance

Irish dancing or Irish dance is a group of traditional dance forms originating in Ireland which can broadly be divided into social dance and performance dances.

Circonvolution Improbable

Circus Performance: Alexandre Lane Roue Cyr - Cyr Wheel Impro Cirque

Great Performance (Violin, Flute and Drums)

Three girls are playing three different instruments like violin,flute and drums.


Satara is another type of two set of flute. It is also very famous among the tribe Langas of Rajasthan. Satara is a combination of two flute one long flute to generate or create rhythm tic sound and other for providing drone.

Nokia Lumia 800: Epic Light Show at Millbank Tower, London

On Monday 28th November Nokia Lumia 800 with Windows phone brought deadmau5 and the world’s most advanced 4D technology together and created an amazing free light show at Millbank Tower, London.

Michigan State Cheerleader Falls on Head

A Michigan State cheerleader took a scary fall tonight during a basketball game. Taylor Young was in stable condition at a local hospital after falling on her face during a performance.


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