Performance Videos

Riding the White Line (Sedona, Arizona)

Michal Kollbek was filmed defying gravity as he made his way over the famed White Line in Sedona - a near impossible route carved into a rock in Arizona.

Miyoko Shida

Wonderful performance by Miyoko Shida.

Sculpting Geometric

Sculpting geometric by Philippe Faraut.

Som Sabadell Orchestral Flashmob

The joy and facial expressions of the children; this performance may have opened up their eyes to the greatness of music. Bravo to everyone who helped make this happen.

Shy Jahmene Douglas Sings on X Factor UK

Who knew shy supermarket worker Jahmene Douglas had such a soulful voice? Overcoming his nerves, the cute crooner put on a show-stopping performance.

Awesome Djembe Performance

If all kids were growing up like this the world would be a better place.

Not Your Typical Opera

You can skip to the 47 second mark unless you are actually enjoying this performance, then just wait for it.


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