Music Videos

Not Your Typical Opera

You can skip to the 47 second mark unless you are actually enjoying this performance, then just wait for it.

Great Performance (Violin, Flute and Drums)

Three girls are playing three different instruments like violin,flute and drums.


Satara is another type of two set of flute. It is also very famous among the tribe Langas of Rajasthan. Satara is a combination of two flute one long flute to generate or create rhythm tic sound and other for providing drone.

Five People One Guitar

Five people cover a song using only one guitar.

Her Morning Elegance (Oren Lavie)

"Her Morning Elegance" from the album The Opposite Side of the Sea written and produced by Oren Lavie.

Mother of the Bride Playing Drums

Mother of the bride plays drums at her daughter’s wedding reception.

Hip Hop Violin

Russian hip hop violin.


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