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Cat Takes Extreme Flight on Plane Wing

During a recent flight, pilot Romain Jantot from Kourou, French Guiana got the surprise of his life when a cat emerged from the wing of his plane while hundreds of feet in the air.

Color Changing Hair

What color do you think my hair is? Blue, purple, pink, violet, or all of the above?

3-Year-Old Wildlife Ranger Charlie Parker

Charlie Parker, 3, is the youngest ranger at Australia's Ballarat Wildlife Park outside Melbourne. He plays with gators, although under the watchful eye of his family, who operates the zoo.

10 Most Dangerous Roads in The World

Whatever the case may be though, the 10 most dangerous roads in the world will likely convince you that walking isn’t really that bad after all.

This Teen Almost Lost Her Life to Anorexia

Now Christie is on the road to recovery, and after gaining two stone feels she is ready to share her message to support other people struggling from an eating disorder.

The World's Biggest Natural Flower Garden: Dubai Miracle Garden

Unlike most of the gardens around the world, the Dubai Miracle Garden closes during the summer due to severe weather conditions.

German Shepherd Helps His Human with Spring Cleaning

This 9-month-old working line German Shepherd named Baron is capable of cleaning better than many adults. This is really a person's best friend.


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