Incredible Videos

What Happens When Molten Lava Meets Ice?

When lava was poured directly onto densely packed ice, the lava was able to flow over the simulated glacier at rates of tens of centimeters a second, lubricated by a layer of steam.

Riding the White Line (Sedona, Arizona)

Michal Kollbek was filmed defying gravity as he made his way over the famed White Line in Sedona - a near impossible route carved into a rock in Arizona.

Impressive Ball Control

Impressive ball control skills from a market lady at Tanzania.

Oldest Gymnast of The World: Johanna Quaas

Guinness Book of record holders with 86 year old gymnast Johanna Quaas.

A Supercell Near Booker

A beautiful rotating supercell forms near Booker, Texas.

Rotate Leg 180 Degrees

A young cancer survivor has wowed friends, family and now the internet with a quirky talent she recently revealed in the hopes of winning a contest on the Ellen Degeneres Show.

Magic Stairwell

Architects in USA planned interesting stairs. You think that u’re going up with the stairs in building but u’re still coming to same place.


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