Funny Screaming Animals Compilation

These animals are clearly worked up about something. While animals make loud noises for a wide variety of reasons, it can be uncanny when these noises sound almost human, particularly in the case of goats. Goat experts say that not all goats sound like humans, however, and that goats have different voices.

Mieders Alpine Coaster (No Brakes)

This is a single-pipe alpine coaster (with no brakes) in Mieders, Austria.

Female Leopard vs Striped Hyena

Female leopard defeats striped hyena protecting young.

Rabbit Mating

The approximate age of first mating is around 5-6 months of age. Early morning and early evening are the most conducive time for mating.

This Teen Almost Lost Her Life to Anorexia

Now Christie is on the road to recovery, and after gaining two stone feels she is ready to share her message to support other people struggling from an eating disorder.