Funny Videos

Scaredy Cats

Curiosity definitely scares the cat. It’s proven that cats can be furry little jerks, they knock things over, steal dog beds, and more.

The Difference Between Mama and Papa

The difference between father and mother is that men raise children to prepare them to be adults and face the world. Women raise children to make them receptive to the control of women.

President Obama Makes Funny Faces

Obama partnered with Buzzfeed to produce a hilarious video in which the commander-in-chief makes fun of himself, teasing all the things he does "when no one's around."

Funny Screaming Animals Compilation

These animals are clearly worked up about something. Goat experts say that not all goats sound like humans, however, and that goats have different voices.

Best Funny Banned Commercials

The 20 funniest banned commercials. Unlike every other one of these lists you've seen, this one only features real ads that were banned.

Kid is Quick to Snatch the Ball

Woman with little brains and kid with great reflexes.

Funny Weddings

More particularly , why men are falling down during weddings?


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