Dog Videos

Paralyzed Dog Walks Again For First Time

This is the heartwarming moment a woman saw her pet dog walking for the first time after surgery and rehabilitation.

German Shepherd Helps His Human with Spring Cleaning

This 9-month-old working line German Shepherd named Baron is capable of cleaning better than many adults. This is really a person's best friend.

Disabled Woman's Carer is Called a Super Dog

Clare, Middlesex suffers from the degenerative bone condition Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, which can mean the slightest movement causes her joints to dislocate, but her adorable canine companion is always there to pick up anything she drops.

This Adorable Dog Refuses To Eat Alone

Rescued pup Bonnie joins this new family thanks to The Sato Project, an organization that was created to rescue dogs in Puerto Rico.

Poodle Puppy Gets Excited Waiting for its Owner

The choco poodle leaps up and down on its hind legs and sways side to side when the owner gets within view of the pup in the video above, almost appearing to dance with excitement.

Dog Loves Riding Out the Sunroof

This happy Weimaraner named Pilly, is all smiles as he goes for a joyride with his owner Josh Hickamin of Phoenix. For this dog there is nothing better than sticking his head out the sunroof and feeling the wind against his face.

Dog in Snow Maze

Peppy pup has to find his treats in this homemade snow maze. Materials being used in mazes around the world include wood, stone, hedges, and, of course, snow, just like Ginzey the dog's.


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