Cat Videos

Cute Kittens Fly in Slow Motion to Hip Hop Dubstep

This guy should do the movie paws it cats in stead of skarks.

Collective Soul Cat

This is the cutest and cooler thing ever.

Dog And Cat Fight Over Cheeseburger

The age-old battle between cats and dogs, but this time a cheeseburger is the center of attention.

Mango Loves Milkshake

Poor Mango is looking for milk, not Milkshake.

The depth of Henri’s performance is worthy of awards.

Cat and Rat

This cat is a traitor. Cats around the world are viewing this with contempt.

Cat and Hungry Alligator

The bravest or most foolish cat you have ever seen takes on a hungry alligator. (Cajun Pride Swamp Tours, New Orleans, Louisiana)


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