Baby Videos

Two Cute Baby Talking

Meet Juliana (left) and Emilia (right). Looks like these two chatterboxes are going to be best friends for a really long time! This is way too adorable.

Compassionate Little Girl Gets Emotional While Watching a Cartoon

Compassionate toddler gets adorably emotional while watching cartoon about lost baby penguin. A baby penguin becomes lost and understandably this little girl is overcome with emotion.

Tricked Into Eating Vegetables

A baby girl is tricked into eating vegetables after being lured by a Kit Kat.

Finally Standing Up To Dad

Adorable baby gets chased by her daddy until she stands up to him.

Baby Swims Across Pool

No worries, this child has been trained to swim by an ISR instructor.

Baby and Water Ski

Seven month old baby learns to waterskiing.

Baby and Me

Evian brings out the babies.


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