Baby Videos

Two-Year-Old Girl’s Birthday Message For Her Mommy
The special birthday message video features Claire listing off reasons why she loves her mommy. To surprise Stacey, Dan edited the video, uploaded it to her iPad and hid it in her baby bag with a note that read, ‘Hey, watch me’.
Baby Jumping Festival: El Colacho Festival

The origins of the tradition are unknown but it is said to cleanse the babies of original sin, ensure them safe passage through life and guard against illness and evil spirits.

7-Week-Old Baby Hear Mom's Voice For The First Time

A 7-week old baby hears for the first time and rewards his delighted parents with his very first smile. Lachlan gives a very sweet surprised expression when the hearing aid finally allows him to hear.

Adorable Baby Discovers Eyebrows For First Time

An adorable new video shows 20-month-old Leon MacEochaidh discovering the hilarity of his eyebrows for the first time. At one point he pulls a look of surprise raising his eyebrows high with his eyes wide open.

Little Girl Cries Because Baby Brother Will 'Grow Up'

5-year-old Sadie from Phoenix, Arizona makes it quite clear she is not happy about 3-month-old brother growing up.

Sleeping With Baby: Why Co-Sleeping is No-Sleeping

New mom Esther Anderson recently shot this video to demonstrate why co-sleeping with her rambunctious baby Ellia, usually means no-sleeping.

Adorably Confused Baby Meets Identical Twins

This is baby Landon’s first time meeting an identical set of twins. Adorable Landon looks back and forth between the twins, and just can’t quite understand how this baby can be in two places at once.


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