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Unusual Animal Friendships

The monkey was born on the island but had strayed from its mother. Luckily, it was taken in by work staff in the protection center and became friends with the pigeon that had lingered there after possibly losing its mate.

The Laughing Cock Contest in Jakarta, Indonesia

Breeders enter their roosters in contests, where the roosters' laughs are analyzed and scored by a group of judges. These chickens are highly prized possessions, and winning roosters are worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Baby Orangutan Rieke Presented at Berlin Zoo

Newborn orangutan Rieke is presented during a press conference at Berlin Zoo, in Berlin, Germany. The baby was born on January 12, 2015 weighing 2,290 grams and is bottle-fed by keepers

Abdullah Sholeh and His Tiger Mulan

Abdullah is an Islamic student who has become best friend and a full-time nanny to 6-year-old Mulan while he studies for his exams. Abdullah Sholeh regularly sleeps, plays and fights with the huge tiger.

Funny Cat Fails Epic Jump

This kitten decides to jump from roof of snow covered van to roof of snow coverered garage. After hesitating once, Waffles gives it everything he’s got, but slips and falls down the windshield instead.

Baby Flying Foxes

Juvenile flying foxes require a lot of time, attention and affection to survive. They form very close bonds and will often vocalise to communicate with their new carers.

Young Goats Balancing on a Flexible Steel Ribbon

These young goats appear to be having the time of their lives as they play on top of a flexible steel panel in a yard. Each time one slips off, it gets back on again to enjoy the ride.


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