This Teen Almost Lost Her Life to Anorexia

Now Christie is on the road to recovery, and after gaining two stone feels she is ready to share her message to support other people struggling from an eating disorder.

Traditional Vietnamese Kung Fu: Thien Mon Dao

Thien Mon Dao, a traditional Vietnamese martial art, was formed by 18th century villagers in Du Xa Thuong village, who believed the art form could help improve health as well as fight against foreign invaders.

Wat Sampran Dragon Temple in Bangkok, Thailand

The Wat Sanpran Temple is a 17-storey red tower with a statue of a dragon wound around it. The temple complex consists of smaller temples and many statues inspired by dragons and the chinese zodiac.

The World's Biggest Natural Flower Garden: Dubai Miracle Garden

Unlike most of the gardens around the world, the Dubai Miracle Garden closes during the summer due to severe weather conditions.

German Shepherd Helps His Human with Spring Cleaning

This 9-month-old working line German Shepherd named Baron is capable of cleaning better than many adults. This is really a person's best friend.

Wakeboarder Melissa Colborne Shreds in South Africa

Melissa Colborne, spends a day at the cable park practicing her tricks. Following in the footsteps of her older brother Jason, she started wakeboaring in April 2009 and has shot to the top to become a national competitor.

Colombian Villagers Save Injured 16 Foot Anaconda

French tourists Denis and Marie-France Grenouillet filmed the rescue while visiting Los Llanos, Colombia. The snake, estimated to be around 16ft, had been injured by the fishermen who use the river to make a living.

Disabled Woman's Carer is Called a Super Dog

Clare, Middlesex suffers from the degenerative bone condition Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, which can mean the slightest movement causes her joints to dislocate, but her adorable canine companion is always there to pick up anything she drops.

10 Weirdest Sports in The World

Today we've gathered 10 Weirdest Sports in the World, these sports are all very strange and can be entertaining to watch if you're into it!

Travel Guide: Saint Petersburg (Russia)

Saint Petersburg has significant historical and cultural heritage and is thus considered a highly attractive tourist destination. The 18th and 19th-century architectural ensemble of the city and its environs is preserved in virtually unchanged form. 


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