Luxury Hotel Being Built In An Abandoned Chinese Quarry

An abandoned, water-filled quarry is the site of a soon-to-be $528 million luxury resort in China. Known as the Songjiang Shimao Hotel, the resort is part of a larger development plan to turn into a theme park.

Interesting Woman at the Library

Woman at the library listens to music on headphones and dances like crazy.

Childhood Cancer Ad In Swedish Subway: Hair-Raising Message

The ad was so well-received that it inspired Garbergs, a Swedish media agency, to develop their own take on the unique subway ad for The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation.

Tortoise Helps Turn Over Companion

The footage comes from Taiwan's Taipei Zoo, where children scream with joy at the sight of the tortoise appearing to save its companion.

The Art of Making a Book

In 1454 German goldsmith Johannes Gutenberg put his press to commercial use and revolutionized printing with his invention of mechanical movable type.

Orchestra Plays After Eating Worlds Hottest Chili Peppers

Classical orchestra performs while eating the worlds hottest chili peppers. Members of the Danish National Chamber Orchestra playing Tango Jalousie while eating the worlds hottest chili peppers.

Dog Loves Riding Out the Sunroof

This happy Weimaraner named Pilly, is all smiles as he goes for a joyride with his owner Josh Hickamin of Phoenix. For this dog there is nothing better than sticking his head out the sunroof and feeling the wind against his face.


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