Woodpecker Flying with Weasel on its Back

Amateur photographer Martin Le-May, from Essex, has recorded the extraordinary image of a weasel riding on the back of a green woodpecker as it flies through the air.

Mont Saint-Michel (Normandy, France)

One of France's most recognisable landmarks, Mont Saint-Michel and its bay are part of the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites and more than 3 million people visit it each year.

Adrenaline: Stupefying Hand-Knitted Hammock Is Suspended

The super strong design can hold up to 15 people. To get down to the net, these adrenaline junkies had to first walk across one of the five different “legs” of the net, some of which extended up to 262 feet long.

The Tiger Who Adopted a Litter of Piglets

A tiger mother lost her cubs from premature labour. Shortly after she became depressed and her health declined, and she was diagnosed with depression. So they wrapped up piglets in tiger cloth, and gave them to the tiger.

Volcano Boarding Down Cerro Negro in Nicaragua

The extreme sport, known as volcano boarding, sees thousands of thrill seekers race down the Cerro Negro volcano in Nicaragua, Central America each year.

A Mother Orangutan Scrubs Herself with Stolen Soap

An mother orangutan gives herself a scrub with a stolen soap. The opportunistic ape had watched the group wash the previous day and was appearing to mimic their behaviour.

Puerto Princesa Underground River in Philippines

The site of the Puerto-Princesa Subterranean River National Park is located in the Saint Paul Mountain Range. It is north-west of Puerto Princesa, the capital of Palawan, Philippines.


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