A Candle Factory: How To Make Candles

Before the invention of electric lighting, candles and oil lamps were commonly used for illumination. In areas without electricity, they are still used routinely. Until the 20th century, candles were more common in northern Europe.

Pooches Ride on Owners Moped in Indonesia

Wearing red-framed sunglasses and a helmet the two golden retrievers happily sandwich their owner on the fast bike. The sight of the docile dogs hitching a fast ride in Surabaya, Indonesia, attracts a lot of attention from onlookers.

Sand Tiger Shark: Close Up

Sand tiger sharks roam the epipelagic and mesopelagic regions of the ocean, sandy coastal waters, estuaries, shallow bays, and rocky or tropical reefs, at depths of up to 190 metres.

Thousands of Love Locks Hang at Cologne Bridge

Love locks are a growing phenomenon in cities across Europe and are meant by the couples who leave them behind as a symbol of their powerful and undying love for one another.

Baby Fennec Fox at the San Diego Zoo

The fennec fox weighs about three pounds when full grown, making it the smallest fox in the world. Large, bat-like ears provide extraordinary hearing that can help locate prey underground or up to 1.5 miles away.

Funny Animals (Black White)

The mascots of the Flying Fortress airplane “Hokey Chile” stationed in North Carolina, “Scrappy” the dog and “Joe” the monkey, take some exercise on the runway.

Should Put an End to the Mommy Wars

The Sisterhood of Motherhood is a movement that aims to end the mommy wars, put a stop to the judging and instead encourage us to get along and support each other.


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